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Our Cause

Every year, thousands of youth experience homelessness and sex trafficking in Canada.

Youth homelessness in Canada has reached crisis proportions. About 6,000 young people are experiencing homelessness in our country on any given night.

And in the case of sex trafficking, it is a growing crime in Canada that is often under-reported, under-estimated and largely misunderstood. Over 30 per cent of female youth who stay at Covenant House have been involved in some form of the sex industry, including trading sex for food.

Every day, we see youth walk through our doors feeling powerless. We're here to help them take back their power.

For 40 years, Covenant House Toronto has been helping youth ignite their potential and reclaim their lives. As Canada's largest agency serving youth who are homeless, trafficked or at risk, we offer the widest range of 24-7 services to an average of 280 young people each day.

As a national leader, we educate and advocate for long-term changes to improve the lives of vulnerable youth. This includes influencing public policy, leading awareness and prevention programs, and continually building and sharing our knowledge. As a learning organization, we strive for excellence and programs with impact.

More than a place to stay, we provide life-changing care with unconditional love and respect. We meet youth's immediate needs and then we work together to achieve their future goals. We offer housing options, health and well-being support, training and skill development, and ongoing care once youth move into the community.