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Meet Mark, a youth who used music and support from Covenant House to heal from addiction and connect with the community. 

Mark had been sober for five years but was still battling the symptoms of fentanyl withdrawal. He was finding it increasingly difficult to deal with the symptoms on his own. One of the ways we work to help young people dealing with addiction is by identifying coping mechanisms.

In getting to know Mark, youth workers Tatianna and Ben learned that his key coping mechanism is playing his guitar, which was unfortunately broken. This added a hurdle making his recovery particularly difficult for him to face alone.

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Meet Maria, a youth who transitioned from foster care to independence with the help of her youth in transition worker, Michael, and the supports provided at Covenant House.

When Maria left foster care, she was referred to Covenant House's Youth In Transition (YIT) program. The program is designed to help youth living in the community cope with major changes in their lives. YIT workers meet regularly with young people to provide them with valuable one-on-one support such as assistance with finding a place to live, finishing school, or securing a job. This type of support lets the young person know that they are not facing their challenges along.

Read Maria's full story here.


Meet AJ, a youth who was referred to Covenant House while living in subsidized apartments to help find and strengthen support networks within the community. 

AJ was living in Covenant House's community subsidized apartments when they were referred to our team of counselling staff who helped youth to find and strengthen support networks. Discounted from family, they struggled to find connection. 

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