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Thank you to our incredibly dedicated committee members for coming together to support the youth at Covenant House!

Adam Climan (Co-Chair)

Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing & Events, Behaviour Interactive

Adam is the Senior Manager of Digital Marketing & Events at Behaviour Interactive. Having spent over a decade in the gaming industry, he has launched top titles including the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry franchises for Ubisoft as well as currently working on Dead by Daylight. His focus is working Behaviour’s marketing strategies and events programs.

Larry MacGirr (Co-Chair)

President & CEO, Health Hub

Larry has 30+ years of experience in the Health Care space with large multinationals, family-owned companies and as an entrepreneur leading a Canadian Health Tech company. Now Larry is doing consulting work with senior leadership in technology and healthcare. He is currently a member of the Board at Covenant House Toronto, a member of the Fundraising Committee and is co-chair of this committee.

Vince Hui 

Director,Event Operations, TGS Esports

Vince is an experienced IT/network administrator and gamer who has been working in the gaming industry for over 10 years. Vince has worked with Amuka esports, Incendium gaming, and currently TGS esports. He is consistently working enthusiastically to build the esports industry one event at a time.

Drew Beausoleil 

CEO & Host, Inside The Game

As a long-time gamer, Drew has been able to take his passion for video games and create a team that allows him to talk about his love of the video game industry everyday on Inside The Game. Game On!

Jessica Medieros 

Founder and Creator, Femme Gaming

Jessica Medeiros, founder of Femme Gaming, understands the different needs of women in terms of environment, and safety, striving hard to open up the conversations surrounding women in the esports and gaming industry. She started working in the gaming industry back in 2014 and noticed a lack of companions who understood her personal struggles within those jobs. So she, created a community space that she wished existed for her. In doing so she has helped others find their path in gaming, rekindled their love for their craft, and created a space for them to be themselves without fear of judgement.  Femme Gaming also aims to educate men on women in esports while teaching everyone to embrace all genders when playing video games.