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Mark Munroe (@TheMaleAddict)

Main Mission 2022

Hello Eveyone, Mark Here!

I have joined the mission to raise funds and awareness for youth who are homeless, trafficked or at risk. As someone who has struggled with addiction, depression and even homelessness, this initiative is close to my heart and that's in part why I'm participating in Covenant House's Main Mission. I had the true blessing of family and friends help me when I was in need, but many don't and need somewhere safe where they can find the support they need.

The initiative unites professional gamers, content creators and veteran & aspiring streamers to help raise funds and awareness for these inspiring young people. 

Please consider supporting my mission by donating to my campaign.

Youth homelessness in Canada has reached crisis proportions. About 6,000 young people are experiencing homelessness on any given night.

And in the case of sex trafficking, it is a growing crime in Canada that is often under-reported, under-estimated and largely misunderstood. Over 30 per cent of female youth who stay at Covenant House have been involved in some form of the sex industry, including trading sex for food.


With your support, I can reach my fundraising goal and ensure the Covenant House team can continue to work night and day to provide essential services to an average of 280 youth a day. 

For 40 years, Covenant House Toronto has been helping youth ignite their potential and reclaim their lives. No matter what happens, Covenant House remains committed to keeping them safe, healthy, and cared for.

They cannot do this alone.

Your gift will help provide food, shelter and medical care to some of our most vulnerable and will help to show these young people that they are not alone.


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